Why me

The life I have been living has surely been a hard one thus far. Been cheated on by my love of 11 years and I’m only 23. Now I’m a single mom trying to provide for my son and I and it’s been an emotional ride. Been harassed at work for the past year and I finally feel relieved because she got what she deserved. Living in a house with a man that I barely know with my son and my puppy, I just can’t relax. I’m always paranoid. I have no family that I can live with. My mom lives in a different state, my sister doesn’t talk to me anymore and my dad committed suicide when I was 16. It’s been a long road. I revolve my life around the Bible and praying that I won’t lose my strength. Dealing with anxiety and depression for years and it keeps getting worse. Just wait there is more to come.

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