“Like every snowflake that falls
The emotions and sensations you bring upon me peculiar,
unlike any other
Happiness apart of me now,
where it’s divine
Connection so tenacious,
too perfect to be true..”


Copyright © 2018 Alexandra Smith- @OperationHappiness

what is

a life so nimble with meaning,
that you want to give your all in such short time
a heart beating so rapid,
full of love and despondency
a mind so full and prodigious,
memories, fantasies and the future
a body so mysterious,
with mindfulness of your outlook


Copyright © 2018 Alexandra Smith- @OperationHappiness

“Two to One”

“Blandishment that is given by you and attentiveness
that the other cannot… inquisitiveness flows through
my heart but contemplation is dominating my mind
with what is rightful… comprehensively stuck wrecked by two,
reality will become conspicuous by and by…”


Copyright 2018 © Alexandra Smith- @OperationHappiness